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Opening: Elisabeth Staudegger (University of Graz)


Welcome Address:
Peter Scherrer (Vice-rector, University of Graz)
Representative of the City of Graz

Introduction to the Conference: Martin Griesbacher (TRUESSEC.eu)


Ludmilla Georgieva (Attachée, Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU)

Current Policy Priorities for Cybersecurity in the European Union


Kay Cepera (TU Dortmund, Project: Abida - assessing big data)

Trust in algorithms. an empirical study of users' willingness to change behaviour

Svetlana Abramova (University of Innsbruck, Project: TITANIUM)

Impact of Cybercrime on the Societal Level


Michele Loi (University of Zurich, Project: CANVAS)

Value-driven cybersecurity using the example of the health sector

Linda Strick (Fraunhofer Fokus, Project: EU-SEC)

Providing trust through efficient cloud security certification

Georg Wagner (Graz University of Technology, project: LIGHTest):

Facing Identity Fraud: automating trust decisions on a global scale via DNS


Norah Neuhuber (Virtual Vehicle, project: SCOTT)

The SCOTT-Framework: Foundations for building trusted systems

Felix Hörandner (Graz University of Technology, project: CREDENTIAL):

Reducing Trust Requirements through Cryptography

1630-1700Coffee Break

Hristina Veljanova (University of Graz/ethics, Project: TRUESSEC.eu)

Introducation to a Criteria Catalogue of Trustworthiness of ICT

Interdisciplinary comments on the Criteria catalogue from:
Anna Haselbacher (University of Graz/IT Law)
Stefan Reichmann (University of Graz/Sociology)
José del Álamo (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid/Technology)
Jon Kingsbury (Knowledge Transfer Network/Business)


Panel Introduction: Jon Kingsbury (KTN): TRUESSEC.eu-Debate: Criteria for Trust in ICT

Ludmilla Georgieva (Attachée, Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU/Co-Chair of the Horizontal Working Party on Cyber Issues and of the WP on Data Protection)

Helmut Leopold (Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security, AIT)

Thomas Grechenig (CEO at RISE GmbH., Head of Industrial Software, Technical University of Vienna)

Tracy Harwood (Reader in Digital Marketing and Consumer Culture/Manager Usability Lab, De Montfort University)


0845-0900Welcome & Intro

 World Café

Key Concepts for Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Criteria


Intermezzo #1:

Stefano Bianchi (softeco.it, project: ANASTACIA):
Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment in CPS / IOT Architectures

Herbert Leitold (Graz University of Technology, project: FutureTrust):
Future Trust Services for Trustworthy Global Transactions

1030-1045Coffee Break

World Café

Building Bridges: Translation of SSH Expertise into Technical Solutions, Standards, and Regulations


Intermezzo #2:

Susanne Sackl-Sharif (FH JOANNEUM Graz, project: RESCUE):
Researching Social Media Use in Emergency Situations

Christian Kittl (evolaris), Georg Lindsberger (XiTrust) (project: MMAssist II):
The Role of Security and Trust in the Context of Digital Assistance Systems for the Industry 4.0

1220-1300Follow-ups for Engagement and Project Exchange
1230End of Workshop

organisational requests:

Hristina Veljanova

Dpt. of Philosophy
Heinrichstraße 26/II
8010 Graz

Requests about program and workshop:

Stefan Reichmann

Center for Social Research
Universitätsstraße 15/G4
8010 Graz

Anna Haselbacher

Dpt. of the Foundations of Law

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